Guy Martin

Ally Robinson

" Simon came to us to carry out our house renovation project.
This he has done to very high standards. Nothing has been a problem,
 "everything can be done"
 is the response from this multi talented guy.
A craftsman in every respect.
We are totally over the moon with his quality of workmanship.
When a problem has arrived,
"We'll sort it maert don't fret"
100% satisfaction.
What more can I say.
Total inspiration"

Jamie Hewson

 "Excellent products done to a very high standard. We are proud owners of  many pieces of Simon's work and will definatley be coming back for more.  Extremely talented with great customer service" 

Brilliant with a chainsaw

Mandy Lovely

 "Simon has produced fantastic work in our home. He has gone above and  beyond with everything we have asked for. Even going direct to the wood  yard and choosing the perfect oak for our fabulous stairs and finishing  them off with oak leaf carvings. Thank you so much for the excellent  high standard of work you have produced and the endless support and  guidance you have given us. We can't thank you enough" 

Malc Wheeler

"What a talent this guy has! Would call him an artist but he goes all  coy. How he can see the finished product when he looks at a lump of wood  I have no idea. His carving of my Ducati TT2 is one of my most  treasured possessions. Check it out in the photo section" 

Liz Calvert

 Absolutely brilliant and extremely talented. Long may you continue 

Neil Rudkin

 Simon carved a replica of my bike. Absolutely awesome , the man is a genius. Thank you